Today's Associations and Societies

As more and more volunteer organizations vie for less and less available volunteer time, the need for effective professional management becomes increasingly critical.

But the traditional solutions of maintaining full-time staff and office facilities or operating with volunteers who often lack time, experience, and expertise in key areas result in a major investment in overhead and inefficiencies as long-term goals get lost in day-to-day details.

The concept of association management has existed for over 100 years and remains today an effective solution to the management problem, offering advantages that more and more associations are discovering.


Centers for Professionalism and Service

Morgand Data Solutions, LLC is a company of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to trade associations and professional societies in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Based on the concept of shared resources, Morgan Data Solutions provides volunteer organizations with the expertise they need when they need it.

Morgan Data also provides a centralized office that serves as the client association's headquarters. The overhead costs for the professional offices are shared by many associations and societies, increasing their resources and capabilities without major capital investment.


A Wide Range of Services to Meet Every Need

Business, trade, service and professional associations and societies of all sizes benefit from the services of association management companies.

Morgan Data helps these volunteer organizations meet complex challenges by offering both general and specialized areas of expertise, including:

  • executive management
  • administrative management
  • financial management
  • strategic planning
  • membership development
  • meeting, convention, and trade show management
  • marketing
  • communication services
  • education and professional development


Focusing Attention on Goals and Roles

The services of an association management company are designed to facilitate the achievement of the overall mission and goals of the organization by allowing association leaders to focus on industry issues and policy decisions. The role of the management staff is to provide advice, and to develop and implement programs that will fulfill those goals.

Helping association and not-for-profit clients achieve their mission and goals.

How do we do this?

Database Solutions —
Chances are your membership cares little about the member management software you use. They do care about your dues structure, effective communications, access to member benefits and financial responsibility. Morgan Data Solutions offers database solutions to exceed your member expectations in these areas while gaining efficiencies for association staff.

Full Management Solutions —
How do we help the association in need of management services? By freeing our client Board of Directors from administrative duties and allowing them to be strategic and visionary.

Partial Association Services —
A more ala carte approach for groups that do not need a Full Management Solution but would like help in a specific area such as financial management or meeting registration.